Pennsylvania police warn ‘Mare of Easttown’ fans to stop trespassing

Police in Pennsylvania are warning fans of HBO series Mare of Easttown to stop trespassing on private property to take photos of filming locations.

The Nether Providence Police Department said in a Facebook post that there have been a string of incidents involving fans of the hit series, which was set in and partially filmed in Wallingford, trespassing on private property, including the house that served as Kate Winslet’s character’s home on the show.

“It’s not cool to go to the homes they filmed at, trespass on the property and harass the owners and their kids all hours of the day and night,” the post said.

The occupant of the home, who requested anonymity, said there have been multiple confrontations with impolite fans on sightseeing expeditions.

“We’ve had a few instances where people have come on to our property — one late at night to look in our front window. Supposedly, I can only guess to see if it’s the same as where they filmed the show,” she told WPVI-TV.

The homeowner said she has now erected “no trespassing” and “private property” signs outside the house in an attempt to keep the tourists at bay.